The Boy’s Middle School Lacrosse League, which is open to any male applicant who is currently in the 6th, 7th, or 8th grade, will begin practice on February 20, 2006. Applications are due by February 10, and will be available on the cville-lax web site soon. All players must be members of USLacrosse.

League play will begin with a “Kick-off Jamboree” on March 12; regular season games from March 19 ?? mid-May. There will be no games on April 16 (Easter Sunday). League play-offs and championship game will be held the week of May 8 or May 15, 2006 (depending upon the make-up games required).

For more information, contact:
Lynda Tubridy (Buford, Burley, Henley, Jouett, and Walker)
434.975.0645, email:


Mary Gray (Lexington, STAB, Sutherland, Walton and the Charlottesville Catholic School)
434.974.1796, email: