Sunday, June 18
12 Noon: Maroon v. Blue
1:00pm: Gold v. Red
2:00pm: Green v. Orange

Tuesday, June 20
6:30pm: Red v. Maroon

Wednesday, June 21
6:30pm:Orange v. Blue

Thursday, June 22
6:30pm: Gold v. Green

Sunday, June 25
12 Noon: Gold v. Blue
12:30pm: Orange v. Maroon
1:30pm: Green v. Red

Tuesday, June 27
6:30pm: Green v. Maroon

Wednesday, June 28
6:30pm: Red v. Blue

Thursday, June 29
6:30pm: Orange v. Gold


Sunday, July 2
12 Noon: Orange v. Red
12:30pm: Green v. Blue
1:30pm: Gold v. Maroon

Tuesday, July 4
No Games

Wednesday, July 5
6:30pm: Green v. Red
6:30pm: Blue v. Maroon

Thursday, July 6
6:30pm: Gold v. Orange

Sunday, July 9
12 Noon: Green v. Gold
12:30pm: Red v. Maroon
1:30pm: Orange v. Blue

Tuesday, July 11
6:30pm: Red v. Blue

Wednesday, July 12
6:30pm: Green v. Red
6:30pm: Orange v. Maroon

Thursday, July 13
6:30pm: Maroon v. Gold
6:30pm: Green v. Orange

Sunday, July 16
12 Noon: Green v. Blue
12 Noon: Gold v. Red

Playoffs are scheduled to begin July 18. This is subject to change if depending on the number of rainouts during the regular season. Follow for updates during the season.

Update, June 27: Due to a conflict with a Seminole League Clinic, the Blue v. Maroon game originally scheduled for Thursday, July 6th has been pushed forward a day and will be played at 6:30pm, Wednesday, July 5th. This change is reflected in the schedule listing above.

Update, July 6: In order to make up games that were postponed due to inclement weather on July 5th, the following changes have been made: The July 12th game is now Green v. Red. On Thursday, July 13th, Maroon now plays Gold; the Green v. Orange game is unchanged. And on Sunday, July 16, the games are Green v. Blue and Gold v. Red.