The following players are currently (June 25th) registered for the Charlottesville Summer Lacrosse League 2011 season. If you have signed up and do not appear on this list, please contact Doug Tarring at

Name Position Level of Play
Connor Andrews A WAHS
Ellington Arnold M Club
Patrick Barksdale Club
Richard Benvenutti A HS Club
David Billerth D HS Club
Corey Bryne D CHS
Taylor Burgdorf M St. Mary’s
Scott Budd A Millsaps
Tyler Cook M Penn State
Roger Chan G Club
Greg Coffin M CHS
Thomas Crow M-A AHS
Michael Darby M Monticello
John Dawson D Club
Zack DelGrosso G College
Casey Devine M CHS
Neill Dillon A AHS
James Duva M CHS
Evan Dickinson A Club
Peter Dimmick M Club
Ari Elgort M Chris Newport
Andrew Elliott D Coll-Club
Josh French D Club
Brian Garland D Monticelllo
Peter Garland M CHS
Phil Garland M Club
Chip Grossman A EHS, Colby
Andrew Grover D HSC
Ashby Horner M Club
Joe Howard D WAHS
Preston Hughes D WAHS
David Ibbeken G Club
Larry (LJ) Johnson D Club
Tyler Jones A Club
Drew Kraft A Club
Ryan Larsen M Coll
Win Marks D Cov
Steve Mastropoalo A AHS
Murdoch Matheson A Club
Rob Mattimore D CHS
Jack McCarthy A CHS
Tom McCrystal G Club
Keith Morris D Coll-Club
Michael Morris A Sewanee
Kyle Nives M Uva. Club
Tyler Noelke M WAHS
Eric Pelnik D W&L
Calvin Peters M Va. Tech
Ted Pfiefer D Stevens Tech
Tucker Poe M Coll-Club
Geoff Quick D AHS
Deion Rancy M CHS
Nathan Richards A-D Club
Chris Ross D MWC
Sam Runkle D CHS
Thomas Salopek M HS-Club
David Seago M AHS
Brice Smith M Club
Chapin Speidel M Denison
Jevron Speller M AHS-Essex
Nick Spicer D Coll-Club
Seth Stephen D HSC
Will Stevens A ACAC
Ethan Stow M AHS
David Taibl M-A Club
Thomas Thorpe M Club
Hal Turner D Coll-Club
Abbott Wallenborne M WAHS-HSC
Wynter Warren M CHS
Ted Wilson A Bridgewater
Ian Williams A AHS
Ryan Winkler M MWC
Reid White A Christchurch
David Wood D Christchurch

Registration remains open and should be sent directly to Doug Tarring at If you wish to play, please include your cell number, age, position, present playing status, school affiliation, or past experience. Players wanting to be assigned to the same team must list all names with the same information.

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