On Sunday, November 14, a lunch was held to honor Bob Sandell. Bob is one of Charlottesville’s favorite lacrosse legends.

About 120 people gathered at the Albemarle High School cafeteria for some Big Jim’s BarBQ and reminiscing about their experiences with Bob. Bob has done it all in high school and college athletics. He has coached and officiated football, basketball and lacrosse for the past 55 years. Officiating ACC football and basketball along with college lacrosse were his passions.

Bob has been inducted in both the local and National Lacrosse Hall of Fames. Bob is responsible for developing a lacrosse officials association in Central Virginia that has sent many of its members to work NCAA tournaments over the past 30 years. Attending Bob’s luncheon were coaches, officials and administrators from Baltimore, Virginia Beach, Richmond, Shenandoah Valley and Central Virginia.

Lacrosse Officials

The picture is all of the officials who worked with or for Bob over the years. Thanks Bob for all you’ve done for lacrosse locally and nationally.