The Seminole League takes safety very seriously. Saturday morning is projected to host temperatures ranging from the mid-80s into the 90s. Seminole will play all levels, however, in order to safely accommodate the projected heat, will run shorter periods of play, require all participants to drink water during breaks, and coaches will be on the lookout for symptoms of heat exhaustion.

Please anticipate that sessions will likely finish in less than the usual hour and a half allocated for play. PLEASE do NOT drop your child off at Darden Towe Park and then leave!

It is also important for parents to prepare players for the anticipated conditions. The Seminole Lacrosse League asks you to:

1) Be sure that your child has adequately hydrated before coming to the field.

2) Be sure that your child comes to the field with enough water to stay hydrated. We remind parents that water, not sports drinks or sodas, are the best defense against heat-related issues. In particular, sports drinks are great for AFTER play, not during play.

3) Be sure that you instruct your child to drink plenty of fluids during breaks, whether or not they are thirsty.

4) Be sure that you instruct your child that if your child develops a headache or dizziness, develops nausea, or stops sweating despite the heat, he or she should IMMEDIATELY inform a coach so that they can intervene.