On Saturday, January 26th, eight teams will enter the Arena at ACAC’s Adventure Central and battle for the Championship in the inaugural Indoor WINTER laXgames. The winners will be presented with the “Cville-lax Cup”, for display at their home school over the next year.

Play will begin at noon Saturday, with teams representing the Blue Ridge School, a combined CHS/Miller School, Rockbridge, the first of two Western Albemarle teams taking the floor. A second round, beginning at 4:00 pm, will see Albemarle, Monticello, STAB, and a second Western team competing. Play will resume Sunday at 10:00 am.

Saturday Session 1
Noon: CHS v. Rockbridge
12:30: WAHS 1 v. Blue Ridge
1:00: Blue Ridge v. Rockbridge
1:30: WAHS 1 v. CHS
2:00: WAHS 1 v. Rockbridge
2:30: CHS v. Blue Ridge

Saturday Session 2
4:00: STAB v. AHS
4:30: Monticello v. WAHS 2
5:00: STAB v. WAHS 2
5:30: Monticello v. AHS
6:00: Monticello v. STAB
6:30: WAHS 2 v. AHS

10:00: WAHS 1 v. STAB
10:30: Blue Ridge v. AHS
11:00: Rockbridge v. Monticello
11:30: CHS v. STAB
Noon: WAHS 2 v. Rockbridge
12:30: Blue Ridge v. Monticello
1:00: CHS v. AHS
1:30: WAHS 1 v. Monticello
2:00: Rockbridge v. STAB
2:30: Blue Ridge v. WAHS 2
3:00: WAHS 1 v. AHS
3:30: WAHS 2 v. CHS