BMSLL Code of Conduct

Each coach, player and parent must sign and return a Code of Conduct within the first week of practice to be eligible to participate.

BMSLL has a no tolerance policy when it comes to drugs and alcohol. Any student involved in BMSLL who knowingly possess, uses, distributes, transmits or is under the influence of alcohol, performance enhancing drugs, inhalants or controlled substances of any kind (except as prescribed by a medical professional/other authorized by this regulation) will be dismissed from the team immediately. The student may petition for reinstatement after the end of the 365-day period. The decision whether to reinstate the student shall be at the sole discretion of the BMSLL board.

Team Creation

BMSLL teams are school-based, and these teams will be made up of players from that school. If a child is home schooled or attends a private school that is not part of the league, he will be assigned to the school team he would attend. BMSLL does not allow any recruiting of players or allow our coaches to solicit players or ask parents to request that their child be placed on a certain team or commit to any player or parent that their child can in fact be placed on a certain team. All requests for placement on a specific team must be submitted in writing to the BMSLL Board with reasons supporting placement contrary to this policy.

No player on a BMSLL team can also play or be on the roster of a high school team.

BMSLL Playing Time

At the 5th & 6th grade level, players shall play a roughly equal amount of time as other players at their position, regardless of ability, as long as they are regularly attending and actively participating in practice and show enthusiasm to play the game.

At the 7th & 8th grade level, players should expect to play at least one quarter of the game as long as they are regularly attending and actively participating in practice and show enthusiasm to play the game.

Players who do not regularly attend practice may have playing time withheld at the coachesâ?? discretion.

BMSLL Coaches’ Certification

All BMSLL coaches must complete a certification process (exceptions may be granted for coaches recruited after the season begins). The requirements will be as follows:

Completion of the US Lacrosse Level One Coaches Certification Process. This can be done on-line or by attending a live session. BMSLL will pay all fees. Once all coaches have level one training we will require further coaches training which will be determined by the Board. All coaches will be given notification of the requirement in time to have it completed before the start of the season.

Bench Area and Spectators

Spectators shall be on the opposite side of the field from the playersâ?? benches and not in, around or beside the bench areas.

These guidelines will be reviewed annually by both the BMSLL Board and Coaches. These guidelines are current as of 1/11/08.

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