(1) A check for $75.00 must be received before an applicant will be assigned to a team and receive a jersey.

(2) All returned checks will be $10.00 and the applicant will not be permitted to play until all debts are paid.

(3) The $50.00 fee is non-refundable.

(4) Each player will be responsible for furnishing his own equipment except game uniform. Helmets, gloves, and arm pads are required. Goalies: must wear protective cup, chest and throat protector.

I agree that should I borrow any equipment from a coach, a fellow player, a school, the League or anyone else, that this will be a mere accommodation resulting from my failure to supply my own equipment as I am required and that the party lending such equipment shall not be responsible for its safety or condition

(5) The game shirt issued by the C.S.L.L. must be worn for games.

(6) The new rules specify that mouthpieces and four-way chin straps should be worn and fingers are to be inside the gloves. Please be advised of these rules.

I acknowledge that lacrosse is a potentially dangerous sport. I agree to assume and agree to indemnify and hold harmless the League, its organizers, directors and officers; any sponsors, officials, supervisors, the owner(s) of fields or equipment used; other participants, and anyone providing me with transportation from any claim or liability, including costs of defense, arising out of my participation.

(7) By signing the application form, I hereby promise and represent that I have had a recent physical examination by a licensed physician, that there has been no material change in my physical condition since that examination, and that I have been found and am currently medically and physically fit to play lacrosse.

(8) I assume all responsibility for my own transportation to and from practice or games. The League will not be responsible for any transportation or any liability for injury arising out of transportation supplied by others.

(9) If the undersigned applicant is under the age of 18 years, the application form form must be signed by both parents. If it is signed by only one parent, we signify that this parent alone has sole legal custody and responsibility for the child. If it is unsigned by either parent, the applicant certifies that he is over the age of 18 years of age.

(10) NOTE: NO alcoholic beverages will be consumed on team benches, at the playing site, or in the adjacent parking areas. Violation of this rule could bring suspension or expulsion from the C.S.L.L. Consumption of alcohol beverages on public property and by minors is a violation of the law and subject to prosecution.

(11) Playing site: Towe Memorial Park – Route #20 (Elks Drive).

From Charlottesville: Route #250 East to Pantops Mountain. Left off #250 onto Route #20 by Berlin Porche-Audi. Go 1/4 mile, left at Elks Drive to fields.

From Route I-64: Shadwell Exit, go West on #250 toward Charlottesville. Right onto Route #20 by Berlin Porche-Audi. Left on Elks Drive to fields.

Please cooperate with the above rules in order that we may continue to use the present facility. Violations could bring an immediate end to the C.S.L.L.

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