A Note from Seminole’s Al Sadtler

Dear Parents and Friends of Seminole Lacrosse,

Our partners in youth lacrosse, the Albemarle County Parks and Rec, have asked us to be aware of the parking restrictions at Darden Towe Park.

There is NO Parking near the men’s lacrosse fields nearest Route 20!

The very dry weather and heat have threatened the grass along that field and parking there may cause permanent damage to that area. There are no parking signs along the road nearest the tennis courts that we must obey.

Please park in the parking lots and walk to the fields.

Albemarle County Parks and Rec are our partners and hosts at Darden Towe. We are forever grateful for their hospitality in the summer and the use of this beautiful park. We cannot risk damaging the park or our standing with the county.

THANK YOU for your help with this situation and your positive support.

Al Sadtler
Director, Seminole Lacrosse