2014 World Championship Logo

Lynchburg College assistant coach and Charlottesville Herd member Max Silberlicht’s Latvia defeats Norway 15-8.

Scotland takes down New Zealand 16-12. Alex Pritzlaff 1 shot, 1 penalty (1:00). John Pritzlaff 1 penalty (1:00).

Turkey gets by Slovakia 6-5 in OT. Nathaniel Gaspar gets 6 saves in 40:00 minutes of work.

Belgium moves past Uganda 10-4.

In a head to head matchup, UVa’s Dickson Smith and Sweden took down the Charlottesville Herd’s Chris Perzinski’s Poland 6 – 3.

At 5:00 pm MDT, it’s the United States versus the Iroquois Nationals. The game will be broadcast on ESPN-3.

Other games of note:

Israel destroyed Germany 15 – 1 in the first game of the day. Latvia’s Max Silberlicht’s brother is on the Israeli squad.

Japan defeated England 13 – 12 in an overtime thriller. The Japan continues on in the Championship bracket; England must win their next two games or they will drop out of the Blue Division in 2018.

Ireland vanquished the Czech Republic 12-10. Blue Ridge Coach John Hetzel played (and coached) for the Czech Republic in past World Championships.

Australia looks to upset Canada at 8 pm MDT. The game will be broadcast on ESPN-3.