Weather Alert: Updated 5:59pm
The Seminole Lacrosse League and the Charlottesville Summer Lacrosse League have been carefully monitoring this afternoon’s weather situation. A strong thunderstorm is developing northwest of Charlottesville, however, this storm is stationary and is not in the vicinity of Darden Towe Park.

While the decision is subject to change as conditions warrant, it is anticipated that tonight’s Seminole League practices — as well as tonight’s Royal Blue v. Navy CSLL game — will be held as scheduled. Update: 5:59pm Based upon a review of real-time weather data, it appears that weather will not impact the Darden Towe area by game time, therefore, both the Seminole League and the Charlottesville Summer Lacrosse League will begin as scheduled.

The Seminole League takes safety very seriously. Due to the continuing chance of thunderstorms, PLEASE do NOT drop your child off at Darden Towe Park and then leave! In case of unexpected severe weather, Seminole will temporarily suspend practice, ask participants to seek shelter in their vehicles, and hopefully restart as soon as conditions warrant.