As of 9am, the fields at Darden Towe Park appear to have soaked up a second nightâ??s rain without a problem; at the fields used by the Charlottesville Summer Lacrosse League, conditions are good. At this time, the Charlottesville Summer Lacrosse League games scheduled for Sunday, June 25, 2006 are on track to be played as scheduled.

There are several areas of rain showers in Central Virginia, so the final call will be made at approximately 11am. Be sure to check again for updates before you leave for the field for your game, particularly if you are driving a long distance. Note that the Summer League Hotline phone system is not allowing updates at this time, and should not be relied on for information today.

Update, 11:11am: While there is a possibility of short showers remaining this afternoon, the fields have handled the rain quite well. Today’s games will be played as scheduled.