As the weekend of March 24th approaches, the 2006 Albemarle Lacrosse Jamboree continues to take shape. Patriot Lacrosse joins the Jamboree, the Sunday schedule is set, and a new sponsor – Bones Lacrosse – joins the fun.

Also,, a web site “covering lacrosse from a centeral New York perspective”, is following the early season trip of Baldwinsville, NY to Charlottesville.

For more information about the Jamboree, contact Jim Loffredo:

Updated schedule information:

Albemarle VA vs Baldwinsville NY at AHS..TBA
Haverford PA vs Upper Arlington OH TBA

Covenant VA vs Hilliard Davidson OH 5:00pm at Western AHS
Western Albemarle VA vs Cape Henry Collegiate VA 7:00pm at Western AHS

Mt. Hebron MD vs Collegiate VA at 3:30 at Collegiate VA in Richmond

At Albemarle HS and Western Albemarle HS Starting at 9:00am
Schedule to be announced later.

Teams at both schools
McDonogh MD
Upper Arlington OH
Haverford PA
Baldwinsville NY
Albemarle VA
Mt. Hebron MD
Penn Charter PA
Hilliard Davidson OH
St. Christophers VA
Covenant VA
Western Albemarle VA
Richmond Shock VA
Cape Henry Collegiate VA

Upper Arlington OH vs McDonogh MD 9:00am on the UVa Turf field

Scrimmages at Albemarle HS
Patriot Lacrosse vs MontClair NJ at 9:00am, Field 1

MontClair NJ vs Hillard Davidson at 10:00am, Field 1
Richmond Shock vs Penn Charter PA at 10:00am, Field 2

MontClair NJ vs Penn Charter PA at 11:00am, Field 1
Patriot Lacrosse vs Hillard Davidson at 11:00am, Field 2

Richmond Shock VA vs MontClair NJ at 12 noon, Field 1

The Jamboree would like to thank and Bones Lacrosse for their support and sponsorship.