The weekend of March 24th 2006 will mark the 5th annual Albemarle Jamboree. We are excited to be hosting three days of the best high school lacrosse in the state of Virginia. This year will bring together the highest level of competition in our short history. Three teams who are ranked in the top 20 in the country, including the number one team in the country will be spending the weekend playing teams from 7 states including Virginia. Western Albemarle this year will help Albemerle High School host the Friday and Saturday part of the event.

The weekend will spotlight interstate scrimmages. Friday and Sunday will showcase teams in a full scrimmage format, with Saturday being played in a jamboree format. On Saturday all high school teams will travel over to UVA to watch the UVA vs John Hopkins game.

The Jamboree would like to thank for helping with sponsorship and raffle items.

For more information about the Jamboree, contact Jim Loffredo:

Tentative schedule information:

Albemarle VA vs Baldwinsville NY at AHS..TBA
Haverford PA vs Upper Arlington OH TBA

Covenant VA vs Hilliard Davidson OH 5:00pm at Western AHS
Western Albemarle VA vs Cape Henry Collegiate VA 7:00pm at Western AHS

Mt. Hebron MD vs Collegiate VA at 3:30 at Collegiate VA in Richmond

At Albemarle HS and Western Albemarle HS Starting at 9:00am
Schedule to be announced later.

Teams at both schools
McDonogh MD
Upper Arlington OH
Haverford PA
Baldwinsville NY
Albemarle VA
Mt. Hebron MD
Penn Charter PA
Hilliard Davidson OH
St. Christophers VA
Covenant VA
Western Albemarle VA
Richmond Shock VA
Cape Henry Collegiate VA

Upper Arlington OH vs McDonogh MD 9:00am

Teams at Albemarle HS starting at 9:00am
MontClair NJ
Baldwinsville NY
Penn Charter PA
Cape Henry Collegiate VA
Richmond Shock VA