The next game in the 2011 Charlottesville Summer Lacrosse League will be played at Darden Towe Park at noon on Sunday, June 26th. The players listed below are activated for Sunday’s game; other players need not show at noon. (Although are welcome as spectators.)

Players not listed for Sunday’s game should check the master roster to confirm that their name is listed. If not, please let Coach Tarring know.

Players listed on Sunday’s roster who are not able to attend should contact Doug Tarring as soon as possible.

Players Activated for Sunday, June 26
Defense Attack Midfield
Andrew Elliott Ricard Benevutti Ellington Arnold
Andrew Grover Scott Budd Tyler Cook
Larry (L.J.) Johnson Neill Dillon Michael Darby
Keith Morris Tyler Jones Christopher Drapanas
Eric Pelnick Ryan Larsen Ari Elgort
Ted Pfeifer Stephen Mastropoalo Ashby Horner
Geoff Quick Jevron Speller Kyle Nives
Chris Roos David Taibl Cavin Peters
Nick Spicer Reid White Hunter Price
Hal Turner Thomas Salopek
    Abbott Wallenborn
    Ryan Winkler

Note: Goalies activated for Sunday’s play will be contacted individually.

Registration remains open and should be sent directly to Doug Tarring at If you wish to play, please include your cell number, age, position, present playing status, school affiliation, or past experience. Players wanting to be assigned to the same team must list all names with the same information.